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Civil Aircraft Parts & Repair

Get your aircraft back in service!


Explore premium-grade components for the global aviation industry

Aerovim GmbH: Your go-to for premium aircraft parts worldwide. Get back in the air swiftly, safely, and seamlessly with our top-notch solutions.
Aerovim Gmbh understands the importance of providing our client with fast, reliable „Aircracft On Ground“ (AOG) emergency service. No matter when you call Aerovim Gmbh, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you’ll reach a live sales associate ready to help.
Simply call us at: +49 6136 4688568

Aircraft On Ground    
Emergency Service


APU´s & Engine

Combining turbines for propulsion and an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) for onboard systems, aircraft power units ensure both propulsion and operational functionality



The cockpit is equipped with instruments that display to the pilot information such as speed, altitude, heading, engine health, and other critical data to ensure safe flight operations



The interior includes seats, panels, lighting, and entertainment systems in the passenger and crew areas, ensuring comfort and safety during flight


Complete GSE 

Wherever you operate worldwide, we offer tailored solutions for your aircraft servicing needs. Reach out today to customize your equipment package from our extensive line of GSE, Parts, and Supplies. Our expertise covers
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